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Egret Lamp $425-$650 + ~$25-$60 shipping

The Egret Lamp is fine handcraft at an economical price point. Japanese joinery is hardware free allowing it to be flat packed for shipping while maintaining high quality, simple, and enjoyable puzzle-like assembly. Approx. dimensions 64-69″T x 25″W x 21″D. Note that each lamp is individually made, therefore each lamp is similar rather than identical.

Standard Options: *Can be adapted at request

  • Wood Options
    • 1/4 Oak with curved tapered shade arm
    • Walnut with straight tapered shade arm
    • Cherry with straight tapered shade arm
    • Oak (dyed black or natural) straight tapered shade arm
  • Cord Options
    • Red Cotton or Rayon
    • Brown Cotton
    • Blue Rayon
  • Shade Options
    • Origami
    • East Fork Pottery (porcelain)
    • Clothe Drum

Shipping Cost USA 48 ranges from $30-$40


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