Just Say No… to plastic wood

Honesty is one of the primary deficits of the objects we live with.  Many lack the quality of truth.  My wife and I just bought a new home and the kitchen floor is Pergo, a plastic laminate floor which “appears” to be wood.  Dishonest.  This dishonesty has an affect on me and such examples are everywhere.  As a result of this reality that dishonesty has an affect it naturally influences the way I work.  I strive for the object to convey truth.  Perhaps this is why I was drawn to the Arts and Crafts Movement early on when studying the history of design.  So often the products of this movement highlighted honesty.  A through mortise and tenon joint on a Morris Chair, to be seen as naked integrity, to the point of being a design highlight, and to give comfort to those who interact with it.