Midwest Woodworking Company

rosewoodYesterday I visited a lost iconic piece of Americana called the Midwest Woodworking Company in Norwood, OH.  Founded in 1947 by a Jewish immigrant who survived the Holocaust and struck it out on his own the old fashioned way in the USA.  Back in the day the Midwest Woodworking Company was a premier cabinet making shop in Cincinnati that employed many legit European cabinet makers.  Housed in a beautiful 60,000 sq.ft. building one will find a time capsule of old iron machines and a treasure trove of precious lumber.  Sadly they are now closed and selling it all due to the owners failing health.  I had the opportunity to go into the “treasury”, or several enormous rooms chalk full of precious lumber being collected the past 50 years.  These rooms contain Brazillian rosewood, Mexican rosewood, Koa, Bubinga, Wenge, Australian Walnut, Honduran Mahogany, Teak, and many more exotic species that I have never been able to see, hold, or smell.  These rooms are valued in the millions of dollars and here I am, by myself, sorting through wood in a vault few have ever been in, including their employees!  Sadly all of this wood which has been collected so carefully and lovingly will go to the auction block to be butchered.  I bought what I could afford, 11 humble boards of Rosewood which I will cherish.