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More Beauty More Wonder

We need more beauty and more wonder in our stories.

Our things embody stories. We live with unthinking unemotional things delivered by apathetic mass production that is irreverent to the story of everyday life. Restoring the human connection with things that are a matter of concern is the ideal. Things that better our lives and age well to become a faint background of our life past. An assembly of human connections from production to use. Things embody our stories.


I’m an artisan, designer, craftsman. I conceive ideas, act upon my ideas through planning, and execute the plan within the boundaries of tradition and material.

Wood is a living material and isn’t homogenous. Full of diversity in its color, texture, weight, smell, and even sound. I carefully select my material, preferring natural unadulterated wood that invokes honesty. I surround myself with my material to discover its nature and approach design with the respect of wood. I do not force wood to fit a design, resulting in disharmony.  Machines do not care, they are unaware and forceful and are therefore used to achieve the unrefined stages. I work wood with acquainted relationship with hand tools. As a result my furniture has an intimate quality, full of discovery, bearing my fingerprint. I approach joinery with classic time honored and proven methods. Beautiful and strong dovetails and mortise and tenon, executed precisely.  Good joinery is an investment, it is honest, sound, and enduring. I traditionally hand plane or card scrape and then finish to enhance the wood; typically oil, shellac, or wax. I always aim for timeless, simplistic, classical forms and proportions.

in the background

I was Born in Cincinnati, OH in 1980. I was a child driven and consumed by creativity. As a young man the music of Jimi Hendrix and a guitars back side stirred my interest in wooden things. Furniture design became a curiosity after earning a fine arts and education degree from Mount St. Joseph University. I finally studied studio woodworking at Haywood’s Professional Crafts program near Asheville, North Carolina.